Resources from the Office of Jamie Schmale, MP.:

Parliamentary resources:

o    Debate on October 26, 2020

o    Debate on October 27, 2020

o    Vote at Second Reading – October 28, 2020

o    290 briefs submitted to the committee;

o    Transcripts of 4 committee meetings held on the bill;

o    List of the 32 witnesses heard by the committee.

o    Transcript of Justice committee meeting during which amendments were considered

Government of Canada resources:

Websites or positions of some groups supportive of Bill C-6:

o    UNICEF Canada, Children’s Welfare League of Canada, Families Canada, Children’s Mental Health Ontario, Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights Education, Children’s First Canada, Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, YWCA Canada,, Planned Parenthood Ottawa, The Sandbox Project, The Young Canadians Roundtable on Health, The Ten Oaks Project, Promoting Resilience and Ending Violence Network (PREVNet), Mosaic-Newcomer Family Resource Network, Sexual Health Nova Scotia, Wisdom2Action, Transgender Media Portal, Platform, Kind Space, LGBT Youth Line, Black Health Alliance, FRAYME, AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, Carleton University Student Union Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre, and 20 individuals.

Websites or positions of some groups with concerns about, or opposed to, Bill C-6: