March 19, 2019


Ottawa, ON– Local MP Jamie Schmale says he is convinced that this Liberal government is spending billions of dollars to distract from the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal.

“As in previous years, Budget 2019 shows the continued path of irresponsible spending by the Trudeau Liberals, with little direct benefit to Canadians,” said Schmale. “It’s clear that Prime Minister Trudeau is trying to bury his Government’s corruption under $41 billion of new spending, which Canadians will have to service pay through higher taxes.

“Budget 2019 means the Liberals are now on track to record the three highest years of government program spending in Canadian history (outside of recessions or major wars), despite their 2015 campaign promise that deficits would be temporary, and the budget would be balanced this year.

“Although I am pleased to see Budget 2019 will support the expansion of much-needed broadband networks in rural Canada, I’m frustrated that a commitment has only been made in an election year,” said Schmale. This, despite a plan for Eastern Ontario being on the Minister’s desk for two years, forcing people in our area to wait needlessly without reliable internet and cellular service.”

Internet access is vital as it allows Canadians to connect with family, businesses, and community organizations. Most importantly, reliable internet saves lives by ensuring cellular access to emergency services in remote areas. This should be a time-sensitive priority for the Liberal government.

On the issue of transportation, Schmale said “the Liberals failed to announce plans to complete the Quebec City-Peterborough-Toronto Via Rail relief line. I, alongside my Conservative colleagues, have been campaigning relentlessly for this project. I will hold the Government’s feet to the fire on this issue. There is no excuse for further inaction.”

While this government has promised investments in programs that should benefit every Canadian, the reckless spending of this Liberal government is putting the economic and fiscal stability of Canada and Canadian families at risk,” said Schmale.

“I will continue to hold this government to account for how it allocates your hard-earned dollars. We all deserve better from our Government.”


For more information contact:
Office of Jamie Schmale, MP
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