Help Protect Family-Run Campgrounds – Sign The Petition Today!


As many of you know, small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. They provide jobs and opportunities for Canadians from coast to coast.

What you may not know is recently family campground owners have been receiving collection letters from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) stating they are no longer considered “small businesses”, and now owe the Federal government more tax.

This ‘new tax hike’ puts the entire industry at risk. These campgrounds cannot afford more taxes and will be forced to lay off staff or even close.

It is for that reason, I have decided to sponsor a petition E-770 which asks the Minister of Finance to ensure that family-run campgrounds are granted “active business status” similar to other tourism operations (hotels, motels, marinas) in order for campground operators to be able to claim the small business tax deduction.

More information and the petition can be found at:
Or by calling my office at: 705-324-2400