Lake Simcoe is a precious jewel, treasured not only by residents around Lake Simcoe, but also by countless others in the greater community.

For this reason, protecting and restoring Lake Simcoe has always been a key priority for me as your Member of Parliament.

Remarkably, over the past 10 years, the Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund has delivered real results-beyond expectations-for the watershed by supporting more than 200 community-based projects that cleaned up our Lake.

But now, with more work to be done, the Liberals have cancelled the Clean-Up Fund. If you too are disappointed with this ill-considered decision and concerned about the impact of the Liberal cancellation on Lake Simcoe’s environment, please take the time to write to the Minister of the Environment, and fill out the e-petition.


With your help, I will hold the Trudeau Liberals accountable for their decision to cancel the Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund and together, we can Save Lake Simcoe.

Yours truly,

Jamie Schmale, MP