March 23 2017

OTTAWA: Local MP Jamie Schmale says while he was pleased to see some federal dollars that will benefit the riding in Wednesday’s budget, he is concerned with the continued reckless spending of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and its impact on middle class Canadians.

“As with their previous budget, this will continue the irresponsible spending of the Trudeau Liberals with little direct benefit to Canadians,” said Schmale. “These deficit financed budgets will pass the cost directly onto our next generation, and will require future spending cuts or tax hikes.”

The Liberal government is projecting a $28.5 billion dollar deficit for the 2017-18 fiscal year, about three times what they promised during the election campaign.

“Simply put, this budget will cost Canadians more of their hard-earned money,” said Schmale. “Gone is a public transit tax credit. There will be increases to wine and beer taxes, and ride-sharing businesses will now be subject to the same sales taxes as traditional taxis.

“Instead of raising taxes on such things as ride sharing programs and family run campgrounds,” Schmale continued. “The government should be more concerned about supporting Canadians and creating an environment for jobs and economic growth.

Included in Wednesday’s budget was a continued investment to support the expansion of broadband networks in rural Canada and $2 billion to support rural infrastructure including roads and bridges. The government also announced it is making permanent almost $40 million dollars to attract international visitors.

“I am pleased to see Wednesday’s budget will continue to support the expansion of much-needed broadband networks in rural Canada,” said Schmale. “This is a program that was launched by our previous Conservative government, and an issue that I have heard about from many residents and businesses in my riding.”

While this government has promised investments in programs that should benefit Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock, the reckless spending of this Liberal government is putting the economic and fiscal stability of Canada and Canadian families at risk,” said Schmale.

“During the campaign the Liberals promised small deficits and a return to balanced budgets by 2019, this budget is further proof that this government has no intention of keeping that promise to Canadians.

“I will continue to hold this government to account for how it spends your hard-earned dollars”


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