March 22, 2016

OTTAWA: Local MP Jamie Schmale is seeing nothing but red in the Liberals first budget tabled today in the House of Commons. The Budget confirms that the Liberals are raising taxes on families, youth and small businesses. The Liberal Budget has no clear plan to help get unemployed Canadians back to work.

“The Budget, which comes with a deficit of $29.4 Billion for 2016-2017, is full of broken promises by the Liberal Government which should be worrisome to Canadians,” said Schmale. “Not only is the deficit three times what the Liberals ran on in the last election, they no longer plan on balancing their budget by the end of their term.”

“A government cannot spend its way into prosperity, we have seen that with disastrous results here in Ontario,” said Schmale. “But yet the Trudeau Liberals are taking a page out of their provincial cousins’ playbook by opening the floodgates of uncontrolled spending with no plan to get us out of this hole.”

“While I do support certain parts of the budget, such as the expansion of access to reliable high-speed internet to rural areas, the continuation of the Enabling Accessibility Fund and potential new infrastructure spending, overall though, this budget negatively affects families in our riding,” said Schmale. “The Liberals have cut important tax credits, like the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit and Children’s Arts Tax Credit and have scaled back the contribution limit for Tax Free Savings Accounts that were specifically designed to help families.”

“Sadly for the agricultural community, this budget does nothing except direct funding to Ottawa bureaucrats,” said Schmale. “Farm families are the heart of our rural communities and raising their taxes by deferring small business tax reductions to help pay for their spending spree will significantly impact the well-being of our riding, province and nation.”

“Program spending as a percentage of GDP is set to rise next year so we are now seeing the creation of a long term structural deficit,” said Schmale. “Borrowed money will have to be paid back and with that, future generations will have to pay the bill.”
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