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Canadian Business Tax

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Justin Trudeau calls the people running mom and pop shops, doctors’ offices, and local farms ‘cheats.’ He couldn’t be more wrong. These people are the backbone of the Canadian economy – the ones who not only hire young people and help employees toward retirement, but also actively support their communities, their families, and charities. They represent the very best of the Canadian entrepreneurial spirit, and they deserve much better than this.

Justin Trudeau’s tax hikes will:

  • Make it harder for Canadians to find a family doctor and increase wait times;
  • Make life harder for farm families and make it more expensive for Canadians to buy local produce;
  • Discourage young Canadians from starting their own businesses;
  • Result in layoffs, fewer working hours, and reduced health insurance and other benefits;
  • Make Canadian businesses uncompetitive, and;
  • Drive away investment.

Justin Trudeau has to raise taxes because he has irresponsibly spent his way into a path of decades-long deficits and mounting debt. We have called on him to reverse the trend time and again but he refuses to listen. He will only hurt Canadian job creation by forcing business owners to pay for his mistake.

We are calling on Justin Trudeau and the Minister of Finance to cancel this plan to fund a Liberal spending spree on the backs of local Canadian business owners.

Campground Small Business Tax Petition

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The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has decided that some campgrounds are too small to qualify for the small business tax deduction. This could mean that the last affordable family vacation will now be taken away from Canadians. Our campgrounds need to be recognised for what they are, small family run businesses. Please print and gather signatures on this petition to show opposition to the Government’s attack on the family run campground. Once printed and filled, you can send it postage free back to Jamie’s Office