Small Business Tax Increase

Local businesses are the backbone of our economy.

They’re where we work, where we meet; the heart and soul of our communities.

Canadians expect their government to stand up for these local businesses. But Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are planning huge new tax hikes that will hit these local businesses when they can least afford it.

The Trudeau Liberals can’t control their reckless spending, and this new tax grab is putting local businesses at risk.

They’re not interested in how this will impact communities across Canada. They don’t care about how this will affect local businesses or the families who run them.

These local businesses are run by good people, honest and hardworking, who put everything they’ve got into their work. And their workers depend on them for a steady living. They’re the mechanics who keep our cars running, the coffee shop owners who give us a place to get together, and the farmers who keep our families fed.

Canada’s Official Opposition believes that local businesses and the Canadians who run them deserve respect from their government.

That’s why we’re fighting these Liberal tax hikes every step of the way.

And we’re asking Canadians to join us to save local businesses.

Join us as we fight to save local businesses.

Letter to Minister from Local business Owner/Spouse

Letter to Minister from Employee of Local Business